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Join Zoom Meetings From ‘A Galaxy Far, Far Away’ With These Star Wars Backgrounds

Star Wars Zoom backgrounds

With most of us working from home these days, Zoom meetings have become the new normal. But instead of dialing into an upcoming video call from your living room, do it from somewhere a little more fun, like Tatooine, the resistance base, or even from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

Say what now? has just released a galaxy of virtual Star Wars backgrounds that you can use in any online meeting. Whether you’re at home catching up with friends, talking with family, or an an important work video call, you can now do so appearing as if you’re somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.

Extra points if you dress as a Star Wars character. Just make sure your boss has a sense of humor first, or you might find yourself unemployed afterwards. 🙂

To get these backgrounds, just head over to From there, simply choose the background you want, click on the image to open it at full resolution, and then right-click the photo to save it to your computer.

Here are just a few of the backgrounds to whet your appetite:
Star Wars Zoom background

Star Wars Zoom background

Star Wars Zoom background

Star Wars Zoom background

Star Wars Zoom background

Star Wars Zoom background

You can choose from 31 different backgrounds, including command centers, starships, resistance bases, vaults, plus there are some outdoors and space environments. The hardest part is choosing which one to go with.

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