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Arby’s Brings The Heat With Limited-Edition Diablo Dare Sandwich

Arby's Diablo Dare sandwich

If you’re someone that likes their food as spicy as possible, then you’re going to want to try the new Arby’s Diablo Dare, a sandwich so spicy, they had to include a free vanilla shake to cool your mouth down between bites. Arby’s has the meats, and for a limited time they’ve also got the heat.

Made with 13-hour smoked brisket or crispy chicken, the Diablo Dare not only pays homage to our dedication to the best meats, but also provides the ultimate spicy experience for those who dare. We’re bringing the heat with five sources of spice: ghost pepper jack cheese, fiery hot seasoning, fire-roasted jalapeños, and Diablo BBQ sauce served on a toasted red chipotle bun. Habanero, Ghost Pepper, Jalapeño, and Chipotle Peppers will be sure to leave your mouth on fire with every bite.

“We Diablo Dare you to try this new sandwich,” said Patrick Schwing, Chief Marketing Officer of Arby’s. “This is not a sandwich for the faint of heart. Everyone in QSR says they have a spicy option, but our research tells us that consumers are disappointed by fast food claims of spicy. We took that as a challenge by making sure all different types of spicy – the hot, the numbing, and the lingering are combined to make the Diablo Dare a true test of how much heat you can handle. Arby’s is setting a new standard of spice –when we say it, we mean it.”

Arby’s will be selling the Diablo Dare sandwiches from January 10th to February 6th at participating locations nationwide starting at $5.99, including a free snack shake. Available for just one month only, you won’t want to miss it.

What’s more, to see if Arby’s fans can really handle the heat, Arby’s is launching the Diablo Dare Hashtag Challenge on TikTok. Starting January 18th, fans can go on TikTok and use a branded effect filter to show their followers how much of the Diablo Dare sandwich they can take before reaching for relief with the vanilla shake. Follow along with the challenge through #ArbysDiabloDare. This should be fun to watch! 🙂

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