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Watch This A Cappella Group Recreate iPhone Tones and Windows Sound Effects

Korean a cappella group Maytree just released one of the craziest videos ever, with them doing spot-on vocal interpretations of various Windows sound effects, and it’s strangely satisfying. The compilation includes the Windows Vista startup theme, the Windows XP shutdown tones, the Recycle Bin crunch, the USB in/out sounds, and much more.

Maytree’s bio says they are “finding ways to make brand-new beautiful sounds with the human voice,” and they certainly don’t disappoint. They’ve got some other cool videos on their YouTube channel as well, including their own take on Super Mario and Tetris.

But that’s not all. A few weeks later, they came back with a new video, this time doing vocal interpretations of iPhone sounds. This one might be even cooler than the last, as they cover a number of ringtones (“Opening”, “Marimba”, “Strum”, and “Alarm”), along with system noises like the sounds of text messages being sent/received, the iPhone lock sound, and more.

As a long-time iPhone user, hearing these sounds done in a cappella brought a smile to my face.

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