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David Blaine’s Ascension Balloon Stunt Was Absolutely Bonkers!

Yesterday morning, illusionist and daredevil David Blaine took to the sky (literally) for his latest stunt Ascension, flying high over the Arizona desert while hanging from a cluster of 50 jumbo-sized balloons. Along the way, he dropped small weights to speed up his ascent, eventually reaching an altitude of 24,900 feet.

Midway through the flight, he donned a parachute and strapped on an oxygen mask, as the oxygen level up there is around half of what’s found at sea level. Blaine livestreamed the stunt on YouTube, with over 770,000 viewers tuning in for the one-hour event.

When Blaine was ready to end the stunt, he released himself from the balloon cluster and free-fell for some 30 seconds before deploying his parachute to slow his descent. “Wow, that was awesome,” Blaine yelled into his radio as he stood back on land.

You can watch all of Ascension in the video above.

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