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Get Ready To Live Out Your ‘Knight Rider’ Fantasies With This KITT Car Rental

Turo - KITT Rental

Turo - KITT Rental

Growing up, Knight Rider was my everything, and 8-year old me thought that KITT was just the coolest thing ever. And who could blame me? I mean, the car could talk, drive itself, and it had that cool red scanner in the grill, that gullwing steering wheel, and it could jump over a ravine. Totally bad ass!

If you were like me, you probably wondered what it’d be like to drive around town in KITT. And now, thanks to the car sharing service Turo, you can finally live out your Knight Rider fantasy, as there is a KITT replica car available for rent in Los Angeles, for a pretty reasonable $175 a day.

Turo - KITT Rental

Turo - KITT Rental

The owner says that his car “turns more heads than a neon green Lamborghini”, and he’s probably right. It’s one of the best replicas I’ve seen, complete with a fully functional dash with talking KITT voicebox, T-Tops, and the iconic red LED scanner on the nose. Super pursuit mode not included.

So what do you say, who’s ready to re-live their childhood dreams and take KITT out for a night on the town? Then grab your leather jacket, unbutton your shirt, and practice your Michael Knight impression as you roam the streets of LA, fighting crime and chasing perps!

Turo - KITT Rental

Turo - KITT Rental

Photo credit: Turo

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