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How Sick Is The Pastrovich 80m X-Prime Superyacht Concept?!

Pastrovich 80m X-Prime Superyacht Concept

The Monaco-based yacht design firm Pastrovich Studio has revealed a new superyacht concept that’s sure to take your breath away, the 80m X-Prime, which combines “elegance, simplicity and sophistication”.

Pastrovich approached the design of the 262-foot X-Prime concept with the idea of having a single deck that puts the owner at the heart of all on board operations. As such, there aren’t any long corridors or individual, isolated spaces. Instead, the spacious areas on board are designed to feature separate zones, each with its own social, dining or relaxing purpose.

Pastrovich 80m X-Prime Superyacht Concept

The ship’s alluring design focuses on delivering the best experience while at sea, which is why a cool beach terrace connects guests with the colors, sounds and textures of the ocean. This unique location aboard the ship, is open on either side, thus providing exceptional views to the surrounding environment, while still being protected from the elements.

The owners of this stunning beauty can enjoy their sleep in a massive suite located on the top deck, which is fitted with a panoramic deck and private balcony. Guest suites are located on the main deck, each with direct access to the main salon and apartment deck above.

Pastrovich 80m X-Prime Superyacht Concept

Accessed by a spiral staircase, the upper deck features a dedicated cinema space, a hot tub, 2 lounges, a spa, a gym, and the owner’s apartment with a private balcony. Capable of accommodating up to 14 guests, the X-Prime will cruise the seas with the help of hybrid diesel-electric propulsion.

If you’re a Bond villain who wants more information on the 80m X-Prime, visit Pastrovich Studio.

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