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What Better Way To Celebrate The Fourth Of July Than With Some Hot Dogs And Buns!

What’s more American than watching a bunch of smoking hot chicks getting shot in their butts with hot dogs.. in slow motion? Yes, those crazy guys over at My Rules Media are back at it with another epic video that would make our founding fathers proud!

These guys know what the Internet wants, and that’s girls getting blasted in their butts with food while wearing skimpy bikini bottoms. They’ve fired all kinds of food at these delicious derrières, including gummy bears, donuts, pizza, strawberries, and more.

Not only that, they even shot a video of Playboy’s Ana Cheri jumping on a skittles-filled trampoline, because why the heck not, you can never have enough Ana Cheri. Are those fireworks in your pocket, or are these videos giving you a boner? 😀

God bless ‘MURICA! 🇺🇸

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