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A Dance-Off For The Ages Broke Out At Monday Night’s 76ers Game

During Monday night’s Sixers game, an epic dance-off kicked off in the stands between these two young 76ers fans, and the Jumbotron operator caught all the action! As you can imagine, when the NBA tweeted video of the boys’ antics, they quickly became Internet sensations.

Fans watched as 10-year-old Dominic Prybella and 9-year-old Anthony Stuard faced off in a dance battle from across the arena. Shirts came off, dance moves were tested, and everyone was going crazy. The basketball game (which the 76ers won 121-93) was but a distant memory.

When asked about what prompted the dance off, Dominic said “Just having fun, just messing around, just being crazy.”

Since then, the two kids have become mini celebrities, appearing on a number of local news segments and showing off their patented moves, including The Floss and the Orange Justice.

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