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Most Stuf Oreos Are Here, And They’ve Got A Ridiculous Amount Of Creme Filling!

The latest of Oreo’s wacky cookie creations is a creme-lovers dream come true. Feast your eyes on The Most Stuf, an Oreo cookie with nearly three times the filling of a regular Oreo!

Featuring the “Most. Creme. Ever.” that Oreo has ever put in between one of their cookies, the limited-edition Most Stuf Oreos are a creme lover’s dream, and they make Double Stuf Oreos and Mega Stuf Oreos look like child’s play by comparison.

Since most of us have fallen off of our New Year’s diets by now, there’s no better time to dive in and enjoy these decadent cookies, with clock in at 110 calories per cookie. Make sure you pour yourself a big glass of milk to dunk them in as well.

Early reviews have all been very favorable, though given how dense they are, many people had to tap out after eating only a couple of the vanilla creme-filled treats.

Lightweights.. 🙂

Most Stuf Oreos are available at retailers nationwide in 18-count, 13.4-oz packages for around $2.99 each. I found them at my local Walmart this past weekend and couldn’t help but pick up a few packs for myself.. YUUMMMM!

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