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Somebody Created A Map For ‘Doom II’ That Drops You Into The Seinfeld Apartment!

Doom 2 gets the Seinfeld treatment

I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted playing games like Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake back in the 90s. Let me tell you, those were the days..

Now it looks like I might have to dust off my old copy of Doom II, because Doug Keener just created the apartment from Seinfeld as a playable map for Doom II (which took him over a hundred hours of work to create), and as you can see in this video below, the results are pretty freaking incredible.

Honestly, we’ve all wanted to murder the Seinfeld characters at one point or another, and watching the characters getting blown away in full-on Doom fashion is oddly cathartic, don’t you think? As George would say, “Serenity now!”

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